Interpreting Services

TDR Translation Company works with highly qualified professional interpreters, providing services from and to all languages both in Italy and abroad.

The type of interpreting chosen by a customer depends on various factors: time, space, number of speakers and audience size, number of languages to translate, budget, technical media, etc.

Ask TDR Translation Company for advice on the form of interpreting most suited to your needs.

It is our job to provide you with experience, language skills and the technical media required. 

We ask the customer to provide us with reference material and all the other important information we need to prepare for the job and gain familiarity with a specific product or subject.



Immediate translation using earphones. The interpreters, sitting in soundproof booths equipped with earphones and microphone, translate what the speaker says into the various working languages in real time. A standard day of simultaneous interpreting lasts 7 hours and requires two interpreters per language who alternate for one hour each.




Non-immediate translation: every 5-10 minutes the speaker stops to allow the interpreter, who has taken notes in the meantime, to translate what has been said. Consecutive interpreting is the preferred solution for small workgroups, meetings and negotiations where only one foreign language is required. The service does not require the use of any equipment or technical media and extends working times.


CHUCHOTAGE (from the French term ‘chuchoter’ meaning to whisper)


Simultaneous translation whispered into the listener’s ear. It does not imply the use of technical equipment or systems and is generally used to assist at most 2 or 3 people.




For technical, business and technical training meetings, accompanying foreign delegations and providing language assistance during fairs or events.




Infrared Simultaneous Translation Systems

Amplification systems, microphones, audio recording systems, conference systems

Guided Tour Equipment

(portable systems consisting of earphones and microphone suitable for meetings with a limited number of participants)

Video Projection

Video recordings, monitors, video projectors, video recording systems, video studios


Lighting accessories, slide projectors, overhead projectors, screens, motorised spotlights, theatre spotlights

Technical Assistance

Only quality translations

Over 20 years of success in the translation and interpreting sector

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