About our certified translation services

TDR Translation Company is aware that its customers need correct and culturally appropriate translations of a wide range of documents in order to correctly put their message across to the target audience and gain a competitive edge in their given field.

Providing a correct translation and offering a culturally appropriate message are two key concepts that are fundamental for creating customer loyalty, an element which has always been a particular point of focus for TDR Translation Company

TDR Translation Company was established in 1995 with the goal of offering translation, interpreting, localisation and editing services in over 40 languages and in all industry sectors.

Since then TDR Translation Company has grown at an exponential rate, rapidly planting down roots and developing both in Italy and abroad as a byword for guaranteed quality based on providing full customer satisfaction.

Customer care, reliability, quality, transparency and constantly updated IT tools have always been the cornerstones of our success.



TDR Translation Company was established by Tiziana De Rosa after 12 years’ experience as a freelance translator and interpreter.


TDR Translation Company joined FEDER.CEN.TR.I., the Italian National Federation of Translation and Interpreting Agencies, becoming one of the founding members of FEDER.CEN.TR.I. Milan and part of the Board of Directors.
TDR Translation Company adopted an operating system in line with the UNI EN 10574:1996 regulation “Definition of services and activities of translation and interpreting companies” .


TDR Translation Company subscribed to the Code of Ethics for the quality of language services drawn up by FEDER.CEN.TR.I. Milan, in partnership with the Milan Union and Chamber of Commerce.


On 15 June the specific new UNI EN 15038:2006 standard came into force for translation service providers. The regulation is the official version of the EN 15038 European standard that specifies the requirements for a translation service provider with regard to human and technical resources, quality and project management, contracts and service procedures. The regulation does not apply to interpreting services. 
TDR Translation Company subscribed to the new standard and adopted it in its own quality management system.


On 6 December, following the departure of FEDER.CEN.TR.I. from Confcommercio, the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting resolved to change the name to “FEDERLINGUE”
FEDERLINGUE is a member of the Milan Union of Commerce and Confcommercio, the General Confederation of Commerce, Tourism, Services, Professions and Small and Medium Businesses, Italy’s biggest corporate representative with over 820,000 member enterprises nationwide and offices in Europe and around the world. 
Federlingue became the new federation of reference for companies offering translation, interpreting and language training services. 
Federlingue aims to constantly improve language services, provide ongoing training for its member companies and protect the profession.


On 25 January the sphere of application of the Italian UNI 10574 standard was redefined, hiving off translation and only including interpreting services. The new UNI 10574:1996 regulation defines the service requirements for interpreting companies.
TDR Translation Company subscribed to the new standard and adopted it in its own quality management system.

since 2007

TDR Translation Company supports its employees’ participation in training courses and webinars in a bid to boost the professionalism of the services offered to its end customers.


March 2016: The CSI Spa Certification Committee approved certification attesting compliance by TDR Srl with the EN ISO 17100:2015?standard (for translation) and UNI 10574:2007 standard (for interpreting services).


January 2017: Implementation of the Federlingue Code of Conduct was presented in Palazzo dei Giureconsulti in Milan. It had been drawn up with the collaboration of the Market Harmonisation Service of Milan Chamber of Commerce.
November 2017: the Charter of Services for translation and interpreting was presented at the Chamber of Commerce. An important milestone for consumers and businesses that need to communicate in foreign languages.


Opening of our new operating office.


Merger with Yellow Hub Srl, a well established translation company based in Milan.

Only quality translations

25 years of success in the translation and interpreting sector

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