Professional italian english translation services & 70+ languages

Why choose TDR translation company?


Our 25 years of experience, first as freelance translators and then as a company, and our ability to move and adapt with the times have helped us to develop on a human and professional level, and adapt to meet evolving market needs. We are proud to say that our greatest achievement so far has been offering our clients quality and satisfaction. And that we are committed to extending and improving that achievement in the future.


With an international network of carefully selected professional translators and interpreters, we have the resources to cover all specialist areas in all languages.

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Clients who contact TDR Translation Company know they can rely on a wide spectrum of services ranging from professional italian translation services & in +70 other languages, editing, proof reading and localisation to interpreting for conventions, conferences, business meetings and video conferences.


We are firmly committed to offering our clients a high quality product. To achieve this goal, we ensure that all our translators are highly qualified and only translate into their mother tongue. All texts are carefully revised as part of our standard service.


Market surveys have shown that TDR Translation Company offers an extremely competitive price to quality ratio for the services provided.


Confidentiality is key for TDR Translation Company. The contents of every document sent to us always remain private and confidential.
All TDR Translation Company translators sign a confidentiality agreement and are bound by professional secrecy. As a further guarantee to clients, TDR Translation Company is also willing to sign a specific non-disclosure agreement to ensure impeccable discretion.


TDR Translation Company selects its in-house staff and freelance translators and interpreters very carefully and only uses qualified, native-speaker professionals who specialise in specific fields.


Each of our clients receives continuous one-to- one assistance from a dedicated Project Manager who manages all the various stages in every project. This direct interaction with the client helps the Project Manager learn all about the company and identify its real needs, ensuring that every single stage of the project meets the client's expectations to perfection.


Our constantly updated technical infrastructure relies on modern, sophisticated word processing systems, desktop publishing, electronic mail, FTP, hardware, data security systems and CAT tools.


Thanks to our experience and our extensive international network of translators, we are capable of translating a document into different languages (we provide professional italian english translation services, but also in 70+ languages) and delivering it on the same day or within 24 hours for a small supplementary urgency rate.
But we also believe that honesty is the best policy, and we will tell you when unfortunately, something simply can't be done!

Only quality translations

25 years of success in the translation and interpreting sector

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