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Sworn or certified translation is a way of certifying that a translation complies with the original text. Authentication (apostille)consists of certifying the authenticity of the signature and the position of public official occupied by the person who has signed a document. Service procedure: the Prefecture Local Government Office, delegated by the Foreign Ministry, certifies the authenticity of the signatures.
Service procedure: The Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Milan authenticates signatures.

Documents issued by foreign authorities (including diplomatic and consular missions) are legalised so that they are valid in Italy and documents and deeds produced in Italy are legalised so that they are valid abroad. The legalisation procedure is immediate: the Prefecture office checks that the signature which appears on the document to be legalised is recorded in a specific register. If it is, the legalisation stamp is immediately applied to the document. If not, a fax is sent to the party responsible for issuing the document, requesting the name of the person with signing powers, and once the required information is gathered, the document can be legalised.

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