Legal and Financial Translations services

List of the translation services
offered in the legal and financial sector

  • Contracts
  • Legal and Notarial Documents
  • Arbitration Proceedings
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Statements of Defence
  • Appeals
  • Tax, Levy and Trade Union Disputes
  • Sentences
  • Writs of Execution
  • Court Rulings
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Corporate Articles of Association
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Mergers, Takeovers, Intellectual Property and Due Diligence
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration Documents and Certificates
  • Sworn and Authenticated Translations
  • Disclosed and Consolidated Financial Statements, Notes to Financial Statements
  • Banking Documentation
  • Financial Reports
  • Reports to Shareholders
  • Prospectuses
  • IPOs
  • Audit Reports
  • Reports on Findings


Our customers are law firms, tax firms, notaries, auditing and consultancy companies, banks, companies and public institutions looking for and requiring a guarantee of translations carried out at the highest standards by mother tongue professionals.

We offer professional legal and sworn translations, performed with full respect for the client’s privacy and within the required delivery times.

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25 years of success in the translation and interpreting sector

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